NoLie Cobras

We are a bunch of strictly selected gamers from a wide range of areas. We are currently recruiting as we recently launched so if you want show me what you got and I'll see :p
Contact us with email: [email protected]

Renegade Mercenaries International

This Group is for Renegade Mercenaries, a Gaming Clan that was created in November 2011 as a Dota 2 clan to prove our passion and skill to the Namibian gaming community during Namlan. Over the months to come, we would prove to become the best Dota/Dota 2 team in Namibia and overcome all challenges that we faced locally.

Chaos Factor

We are a clan that is willing to try everything with special focus on FPS and Dota 2. Friendly with the urge to come to any LAN party so do not hesitate to invite us.

[CF] Nexter
[CF] Shotgun Kakashi
[CF] Superfly
[CF] Cerberus
[CF] Subsonic

Some Details:
We are a Coastal Team Established in October 2008.
We hosted one of the Largest LAN's Swakop has seen.
All members Currently reside in Swakopmund.