NamLAN – LAN of the Brave 2014 Results

Excitement and competition was the name of game at the 7th NamLAN event which took place at the University of Namibia Main Campus in Windhoek from 4 to 7 December 2014. A spectacular turnout of 65 registrations and over 80 spectators made this weekend memorable as the largest gaming competition in Namibia continues its annual appearance.

NamLAN 2014 was hosted by the Namibian Electronic Sports Association (NESA) and would not have been possible without the valued event sponsors: Radio Energy, Vander Designs, Salt IT, Vigo and Nanodog. NESA would like to thank all the players and teams who attended and congratulations to the event winners:

Fifa 2014
1st Nando – Fernando de Sousa
2nd Ronnie – Ronaldo Kangootui
3rd I Are Game – Matthew Francis

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
1st H2O & Arri – Helder Pedro & Aristides Yanes
2nd Hybrid Halogen & Faent – Chao-lin Ma & Jonathan Calitz
3rd Re4per & Nando – David Beukes & Fernando de Sousa

StarCraft II: HotS
1st AEON – Rudi Steinbach
2nd Foamy – Jonathan Steinbach
3rd Axon – John Amutenya

1st Renegade Mercenaries International (RM Int)
2nd NPS
3rd Dooms Day Troopers (DDT)

Counterstrike: Global Offensive
1st Dooms Day Troopers (DDT)
2nd NPS
3rd Renegade Mercenaries International (RM Int)

Call of Duty Ghosts
1st Team Affinity
2nd GOH
3rd Pro X

Assetto Corsa Best Lap
Re4per – David Beukes (2:07:160)

Champion of NamLAN
Foamy – Jonathan Steinbach

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