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Daybreak announces the Elite Series, a new H1Z1 pro circuit with prizes totaling $1 million

PC Gamer - Mon, 2017-06-05 15:01
The four-stop tour begins at DreamHack Atlanta in July with both team and solo tournaments and a $250,000 prize pool.
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Noctua spent four and a half years designing its quietest, strongest fan yet

PC Gamer - Mon, 2017-06-05 14:55
200 prototypes later, the mad airflow scientists at Noctua have made a new type of plastic for their best fan yet.
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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator review

PC Gamer - Mon, 2017-06-05 14:29
One out of four is pretty bad.
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Empyrion's alpha 6.0 update fattens up the galactic survival game

PC Gamer - Mon, 2017-06-05 14:25
Get busy building
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Rainbow Six Siege hitbox fix stops earmuffs counting as a body part

PC Gamer - Mon, 2017-06-05 14:18
Earmuffs are invincible, as they should be.
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June's Humble Monthly kicks things off with Dark Souls 2 plus DLC for $12

PC Gamer - Mon, 2017-06-05 13:18
More games will unlock throughout the month.
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Get a budget gaming laptop for $967 on Newegg

PC Gamer - Mon, 2017-06-05 13:08
1080p gaming for under $1,000.
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Vintage RPG Silver arrives on Steam

PC Gamer - Mon, 2017-06-05 12:11
Warm up your sword arm
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Chris Avellone on Pathfinder: Kingmaker's companions, choices and romances

PC Gamer - Mon, 2017-06-05 11:37
"I generally find smart evil to be more fun."
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Last day of Blizzard's Overwatch sale

PC Gamer - Mon, 2017-06-05 10:58
Rush the payload
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Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap will release on PC this week

PC Gamer - Mon, 2017-06-05 00:47
Popular Nintendo Switch title is a classic remake.
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance trailer shows off its bleak medieval expanse

PC Gamer - Sun, 2017-06-04 23:59
Also teases an announcement for later this week.
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Should I use a trackball for gaming?

PC Gamer - Sun, 2017-06-04 21:17
It might save your wrist.
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Rocket League Anniversary update adds new arena, cars, and goal explosions

PC Gamer - Sun, 2017-06-04 18:36
Get ready to change the way your engine sounds, too.
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Stealth-action game No Trace gets new gameplay trailer, and it looks great

PC Gamer - Sun, 2017-06-04 18:11
Hitman meets Hotline Miami.
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Neverwinter is bringing dinosaurs with its next expansion

PC Gamer - Sun, 2017-06-04 17:59
Tomb of Annihilation launches next month.
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Daily Deal - Orwell, 40% Off

Steam - Sun, 2017-06-04 17:00
Today's Deal: Save 40% on Orwell!*

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Minecraft: Story Mode might be getting a second season

PC Gamer - Sun, 2017-06-04 16:00
The first episode titled Hero in Residence.
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These 2 Prey mods add hardcore difficulty and greater immersion

PC Gamer - Sun, 2017-06-04 15:40
Removes enemy alert audio cues and item glow, restores bleeding and concussions, and gives enemies a health buff.
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Part 2 of New Vegas mod Fallout: Project Brazil teased in video series

PC Gamer - Sun, 2017-06-04 14:00
Expect a "final Release Date Reveal Trailer in a few months".
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