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office and as that front office aces the

That read is no doubt colored by preconceived notions about the siblings [url=]NBA 2K18 MT[/url] which is unavoidable. The Buss family has been front and center for a decade now. We can’t unlearn what we know about Jim and Jeanie. We can only re-assess them as necessary.

Want NBA links and news in your inbox every weekday morning? Sign up for SB Nation's NBA newsletter gn up now </aside>As such, Jim Buss’ basketball chops have been solidified as he takes a public role in Kupchak’s front

NBA draft repeatedly. (The Clarkson and Nance picks were inspired.) His move to hire Walton — an old Phil Jackson favorite, with all that connotes — seemed like an olive branch to his sister, for whatever that’s worth. (Walton to the Lakers also felt destined from the beginning of the season. Perhaps Buss had no choice but to chase Luke hard.