Vorsprung auf Flugzeug Laserpointer Angriffe von der Regierung fallen gelassen wurde

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WiFiジャマーの理解を深めるには、GSMと3G信号にも対応できる強力なWiFi 妨害機を見てください.WiFi周波数範囲(2.4〜2.5GHz)で無線信号を正常にブロックするように作られております。無線信号および無線接続から生じるさまざまな問題を人々が解決するのを助けるために作成された多くの種類の信号妨害器の1つです。

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NESA has various events and activities planned for the 2017 year. Please refer to the calendar for all the dates and event titles.

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NESA has the following events and activities planned for the 2016 year:

12 March 2016, 14:00 at Salt Essential IT business premises in Windhoek

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Excitement and competition was the name of game at the 7th NamLAN event which took place at the University of Namibia Main Campus in Windhoek from 4 to 7 December 2014.

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This weekend Namibia's Dota 2 National Team, the Desert Sidewinders, will play South Africa's Dota 2 National Team, the Proteas, in a friendly BO2 (Best of 2) match.

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October's Origin On the House game is Dragon Age: Origins and is available for you to claim and download from their site immediatly.


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NamLAN 2014 – LAN of the Brave

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Dota 2 update 6.82 is out! Reworked heroes, modified map, new items, a new rune and more inside.

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<p>A new Origin On the House game is available for you to redeem and download. This time Bejeweled 3.</p>


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World of Warcraft is free to play until 26th September. If you ever wanted to try it, now is a good time. It's as simple as the following:

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